Natural Slate by Hilltop Slate

Hilltop Natural Slate

Established in 1948, Hilltop Slate is a producer of high quality natural slate for roofing and architectural applications. From its 13 quarries located in Vermont and New York, Hilltop provides the quality and choice to inspire designers, architects and homeowners the world over. Hilltop’s tradition, unparalleled resources, reliability and expertise ensures the highest standards of customer service.

Hilltop Slate uses only natural material extracted from some of the world’s finest deposits. There is a choice of ten colors that are further complimented by the distinctive natural texture of slate, creating an added dimension to any application. A variety of color, size and thickness can be used to create a pattern or subtle contrast in design.

Natural Slate: Beauty and Character

Natural slate is recognized as one of the finest building materials available in the world. The natural beauty and durability of slate with its’ matchless capability to withstand dramatic changes in environmental conditions is unique. Slate is impervious to water and unaffected by extreme temperatures.

Regarding the coloring characteristics of slate, it should be noted that some types of slate will consistently hold their color and some types will weather to rich tones of buff or brown. The slate roof experts at Innovative Construction & Roofing can tell you exactly what to expect for your project.

Hilltop Color Portfolio

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Natural Slate

Hilltop Color Gallery

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