Residential Slate & Tile Roofing Systems


Nothing rivals the beauty, durability and functionality of natural slate and tile. As a leading installer of residential slate roofs and tile roofs in the Greater St. Louis region, our skilled craftsmen specialize in slate and tile roof installation, restoration and repair. We also provide storm restoration, roof maintenance and emergency roof repair services. Call us at 314-546-4047 to schedule a complimentary consultation or inspection.

From quaint bungalows to stately homes, our seasoned craftsmen have installed, replaced and repaired hundreds of slate and tile roofs in  St. Louis area neighborhoods. Installation of slate and tile roofing requires patience, care, an eye for detail and a true craftsman’s skill. Innovative has installed the entire range of slate and tile roofing styles and systems. From custom graduations and a full palette of colors, to custom sizes and a wide range of finishes, we can install any pattern, size or style to match the historic look of your home. Our design experts go the extra mile to maintain the character and integrity of your home by choosing the right slate and tile roofing materials. View our Slate & Tile Gallery to see some of our work in the St. Louis area.

Natural slate roofing is available in three levels of quality—S1, S2, and S3. The highest-quality slate, S1, provides the longest life expectancy with regard to resistance to water absorption, weathering and breakage. Standing behind our commitment to excellence, Innovative offers a free upgrade to S1 grade slate from S2 or S3 slate.


Like all roofs, residential slate roofs and tile roofs should be inspected annually by an experienced roofer. However, because most people are not comfortable inspecting their own roof and because roof damage is not easily seen from the ground, homeowners often wait far too long before having their roof inspected.

It is important that damaged and missing slates and tiles be repaired promptly by an experienced roofing professional. A prompt repair will help prevent water damage to interior finishes and accelerated deterioration of the roof and roof sheathing.

Unfortunately, in many circumstances an inspection does not occur until watermarks or some other type of internal damage is observed. This can result in more serious and costly long-term problems such as wood rot, mold and damage to living spaces. Additionally, an overdue inspection may cause some insurance companies to view this as neglect of routine maintenance, instead of an “Act of God”. The end result is the homeowner becomes responsible for repairs. 

These images show indications of hail damage on a St. Louis area slate roof. Damage such as this is often not visible from the ground.


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