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INC 500 Update

It is safe to say that we are pleased with the outcome of the results. We have been official recognized for the 2012 Inc500 as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in USA. August 21/22: We will find out exactly what number in the rankings we have qualified We are not only humbled but also very proud of the hard work and dedication that not only the owners committed but also all of the employees and sub-contractors that have helped in making this great recognition possible.



INC 500 submission

We just finalized our application to the Inc500 for 2011. Cannot wait to find out the results in the next few months.

Overland Park, KS 5-star Review in

We got a new roof!
Provided by Posted by tfj12753 on 11/28/2011
We got a new roof! Thanks to Innovative Construction & Roofing. After the 4/2011 hail storm, we were like many other people keeping an eye on the roof replacing work that has been taken place in our neighborhood, so we can pick the right contractor once we have our roof replacement aproved. Manay of our neighbors were replacing roofs around us so we had a good chance to watch how they work. After a few months of observing, we decided to choose Innovative Construction & Roofing. They worked on the 2 houses in our cul-de-sac acrossed street from us. We were amazed by the speed of their work and how careful their workers were with everything. Both roofs were done less in 2 days and they looked great after they were done. We now know we made an exellent choise after ours was replaced. The crew was very polite and neat. They worked very hard, fast and quietly. They covered up all of our plants and bushes around the house, and the garage doors and the first floor windows were covered with hardwood boards for protection as well. At the end of the day after they completed the work, they cleaned our driveway and walkway and neatly packed all their tools and the leftover materiasl on one side of the drive way. Next day they showed up early, and 2 of the crew members spent a good couple of hourse on having a more detailed cleaning around the house. They pciked up every piece of the debris and nails in our planters. We were really pleased by their work.

They are really easy to work with, their crews are hard working people with really polite manners. The roof materials they use are very high quality as well. It is definitely a roofing company we would use again if we every need any roof work, and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good roofing contractor!
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Replacing your roof is a big deal in…
Provided by Posted by adam_lisa_ucity on 02/26/2012
Replacing your roof is a big deal in terms of cost, aesthetics, and project management. Our slate roof is a huge part of our house’s character and we needed people we could trust to do the job. We had seen Innovative’s work around our neighborhood and it looked great. However, we’d been burned by contractors in the past, so we did our homework. Their online reputation is so positive, it almost seemed a little too good to be true. It turns out that the reason they have such solid reviews is that they do great work. Tim, our project manager, was professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and meticulously followed through on every detail of the job. No concern was too small for him to personally take the time to address. I would say that he came to our house over twenty times…to do paperwork, deal with our insurance adjuster, plan the work, check up on how things were going, etc. Having someone who tenaciously manages that whole process is a must. The actual roofing job was done relatively quickly and painlessly. Naturally, it was loud and a little disruptive, but the crew worked hard, was courteous and kept the mess to a minimum. Best of all, actual installation was beautifully done. When we accepted their bid, we agreed to write a review and I kind of laughed and said I’d have to be honest. Well, all I can honestly say is thank you, Innovative. You guys rocked!