Choosing the Right Shingle Style and Color for Your Home

shingle-showroom-stlouisNearly four of every five U.S. homes utilize asphalt shingles. The reason primarily is their relatively low cost. Typically there is an asphalt base on these shingles.

While asphalt shingle roofs have been used for many years, it doesn’t mean your home has to look outdated. There are literally hundreds of styles and shades from which to choose.

Also new technologies are being applied to the manufacturing of shingles that extend their life, which also lengthens the warranty – a big benefit for homeowners.

Choosing the Right Style and Color

With all the choices, picking the right style and color for your home can be a stressful task. It’s your roof and you only get one shot at making this big decision! Here are some tips on making this decision less stressful and end up with a gorgeous look.

If your home is a gray or blue shade, traditional roof shingle colors such as dark gray or black will look best and keep with a more classic look. This color combination blends well and makes your home look bigger.

Using other roof shingle color combinations tends to stand out and make the house look busy.

If you have a cream, tan or light brown house, brown roof options tend to work best. The added benefit of brown shingles is that many of the shingle options available have a mixture of brown shades that will really make your house look current.

Another option is using a combination of two different shades of brown for a different but still traditional look. A brown roof also blends with cream or tan exterior house colors and makes your house look bigger. A white house looks best with dark gray or black.

Home colors such as red, green or yellow house tend to look best with either a brown, gray or black roof. This is where you roofing professional can help. A reputable roofing contractor has replaced hundreds or even thousands of roofs and will provide valuable advice on these color combinations. They can also show you the latest styles and colors and actual swatches of shingle material.


This decision doesn’t have to be stressful! This is a chance to possibly give your home a new look!