Comparing Fleeceback to Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

Fleeceback has clear advantages over a full roof replacement. Here are some advantages over traditional modified bitumen roof replacement.

Natural Resource Conservation: FleeceBACK® membranes generally weigh less than half a pound per square foot compared to an average of two pounds per square foot for Mod Bit roofs. That means FleeceBACK consumes fewer resources.

Reduce Oil Consumption: FleeceBACK EPDM and TPO can be produced from domestic sources of natural gas while asphalt is a byproduct of oil.

Ponding Water: Ponding water accelerates the loss of surface granules and exposes asphalt membranes to more UV rays, leading many Mod Bit suppliers to void their warranties. While roofs should be designed to avoid ponding water, FleeceBACK membranes are not adversely affected by this phenomenon.

Flashing Details: Many mod-bit systems exclude details like pitch pockets from their warranties. Asphalt-
based fl ashing cements were reformulated years ago to remove asbestos and many people believe the performance is no longer the same. Carlisle covers all its details and offers a wide array of pre-fabricated, custom-fabricated and pressure-sensitive (peel & stick) accessories that are easier to install.

Safer/Less Disruptive Adhesive Technology: Mod Bit is installed using 425°F asphalt. Torch-applied Mod Bit also poses danger. Many Mod Bit Cold Adhesives contain high amounts of solvents. All three present problems or undue risk to the building owner. Carlisle’s FleeceBACK is installed with FASTTM Adhesive or water-based AquaBase Adhesive. Both have little or no odors, fumes or VOCs.

Simply Designed & Cost Competitive: Most Mod Bit suppliers offer a variety of different cap and base sheets with their own performance and installation nuances. FleeceBACK has three different thicknesses —100-, 115- and 135/145-mil — and their ability to recover virtually any surface makes them very competitive with traditional modifi ed systems.

Reflectivity: White TPO and EPDM FleeceBACK have refl ectivity built into the membrane. Mod Bit sheets rely on factory-applied acrylic coatings, fi lms or special granules. Each has the potential to become dislodged or un-bonded over time. The granule surface texture also promotes dirt accumulation compared to smooth-surfaced FleeceBACK membranes.

Fewer Seams: Field seams are where workmanship issues can compromise the integrity of the roofing system. Carlisle’s 12′ TPO and 10′ EPDM sheets reduce the frequency of fi eld seams by 75% and 67% respectively compared to 3′-wide rolls of mod bit.

Hail Damage Resistance: FleeceBACK membranes pass FM’s Severe Hail rating adhered directly to concrete, achieve a UL 2218 Class 4 rating, and pass the National Bureau of Standards #23 Ice Ball test up to 3″-diameter hail. Asphalt tends to become brittle with age—a recipe for hail damage.

Puncture Resistance: FleeceBACK membranes offer greater dynamic puncture resistance than two-ply. Mod Bit in the ASTM D5635 puncture test. Carlisle’s Flexible FAST Adhesive increases the puncture resistance of FleeceBACK assemblies by up to 50% compared to rigid polyurethane.