Silver Star Builds Trust For Roofers

Understandably manufacturers want to assure end users that their products are being installed properly by contractors that can be trusted to do the job correctly. CertainTeed is a leading supplier of commercial roofing materials. They created the Silver Star certification to recognize roofing contractors that have established a proven record of quality workmanship and good business practices. Silver Star Roofing Contractors meet the stringent requirements for workmanship and financial stability set by CertainTeed Commercial Roofing. To become a SilverStar Roofer, roofing contractors must:

  • Carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage and be properly licensed according to the regulations in force governing commercial roofing contractors in their markets
  • Have been in business at least three years, OR CertainTeed must have inspected at least three roofing projects
  • Submit a complete company credit history and be credit-worthy based on CertainTeed’s sole determination
  • Must adhere to the code of ethics.

Becoming certified by product manufacturers is an important factor in homeowners and business owners developing the trust in any roofing contractor. It is essential for building a long-term roofing and construction business and Innovative will continue to renew our certifications with the industry’s leading manufacturers. For more information see