Slate Roof Repair or Replace?


This picture shows an indicator of hail damage on a slate roof. Damage such as this is often not visible from the ground.

This picture shows an indicator of hail damage on a slate roof. Damage such as this is often not visible from the ground.

Do you see a hole or crack in your slate roof? It may be that only a minor slate roof repair is needed. Or, it could be an indicator of a larger problem.

Because slate roof damage is often not easily observable to the untrained professional, homeowners may wait too long before having their roof fully inspected. And even then, you may have a slate roof repair contractor recommend only fixing that immediate repair, without understanding the extent of the damage.

If you see any damage at all to your roof — no matter how minor — you should have the roof inspected to uncover any hidden damage.

In many circumstances the first inspection does not occur until the homeowner observes watermarks or some other type of internal damage. This wait usually results in more serious and costly long-term problems such as wood rot, mold and interior damage which the insurance companies view as neglect of routine
maintenance instead of “An Act of God”.

Your tile roof may qualify for full roof replacement, by insurance, at little or no expense. This could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs for repairs.  But many contractors fail to recognize the extent of damage and recommend only routine maintenance.

In the past two years Innovative Construction and Roofing has assisted over 200 homeowners in St. Louis’ historic neighborhoods replace their slate and tile roofs at little or no out of pocket expense. In addition to providing peace of mind, this helps to preserve the historical landscape of the community while increasing the overall market value of the property.

Of St. Louis homes where we have conducted detailed roof inspections, over 70 percent have qualified for a full replacement via the homeowner’s insurance policy.

To schedule an inspection with one of our slate and tile roof experts, call 314-546-4047 or complete ourinspection request form. The inspection is free and you are not obligated to follow any of our recommendations or use our services.

Whether or not you know you have damage, a thorough inspection protects you from any surprises and gives you the peace of mind that you proactively addressed the situation. You also have a written, third party inspection in case any insurance issues arise in the future.