Slate Roof Contractor – Experience Counts

Slate is a very special roofing material. To install it properly and professionally, it requires very special skills. Skills improve with experience, and there are very few contractors in the St. Louis area which have the same kind of experience as Innovative Construction & Roofing.  With over 200 historic slate roof restoration projects completed, Innovative is your choice!

Slate Roof ContractorInnovative’s experience comes in several forms. Our team has practical field experience evaluating the detailed  needs of every repair job.  The visual inspection of surface cracks and holes is just the start. Our team knows where to look for signs of damage in the interior of the home as well.

Our scope of expertise extends to experience in dealing with the complexities of working with insurance companies.  The typically high cost of slate repair results in special scrutiny.  The nuances involved in filing a correctly documented insurance claim for a slate roof repair require special care. Our Customer Relations Managers handle each and every claim with special care.

National Slate Roof Contractor Associations Make a Difference

Innovative is very proud to be affiliated with several national roofing and slate roof contractor associations.

The National Slate Association is dedicated to promoting excellence in slate roofing practices through the development and dissemination of technical information, standards, and educational resources on the materials and methods used in the manufacture, design, and construction of slate roofs and associated flashing systems.

The Slate Roof Contractors Association was founded to promote excellence in slate roofing by publishing installation guidelines, training materials and conferences.
Innovative Construction & Roofing team members use resources from both of these organizations to ensure the successful completion of each and every project.